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August 2009

I discovered Bain & Company when I was searching for an internship to finalize my studies in Management Engineering (Louvain School of Management). I was very curious and wanted to make my own judgment about management consulting and thought that an internship would be a good opportunity to do just that. Bain was one of the companies at the top of my wish list.  

At the start of 2009, I took my first steps as an ACI (Associate Consultant Intern) at the Bain Brussels office, a little anxious and with a lot of questions. Thanks to the very supportive spirit of the "Bainies," I immediately felt at ease, and I spent three unforgettable months where I learned so much more than what I could have expected from a work experience.

During this period, I had the opportunity to work on two different cases in the consumer goods industry.

For my first mission, my team had to realize a vendor due diligence for a company active in the soy-based market. Hired as an analyst, my main role among the team was to gather and summarize sales data and after, realize comprehensive, clear and accurate analysis and graphs that would be used to support discussions with our client's CEO.

On my second project, our client was a large snack food company that wanted to assess its innovation position in Russia, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Again, I performed lots of analysis, but I also received much more responsibilities and began to introduce my own findings during the internal meetings.

I do believe that this wonderful experience fully met my expectations. Firstly, it let me better appreciate and form my own opinion on the function, challenges and the interest of a career in consulting. Secondly, the importance that Bain & Company has for diversity among their employees, their culture of honesty and integrity, the true collaborative spirit among teams, and the large variety in work tasks are the many points that have fulfilled my aspiration to continue to collaborate and be part of the success of this outperforming company.

 In September 2009, I will join Bain & Company as a full time AC (Associate Consultant).

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Associate Consultant
About Alizé

Alizé is a 2009 graduate of UCL and joined the Bain Brussels office as an Associate Consultant in January.